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Hamster Cage Videos + Reviews

GOOD & BAD hamster cages
Victoria Raechel

GOOD & BAD hamster cages

Please note that I am in no way trying to bash the “bad” cages. I am only trying to inform hamster owners on which cages should be used for hamsters. Remember that just because something is sold for hamster’s doesn’t mean it’s okay to use it, and most of the small hamster cage creators are only in it for money hence the reason many of the small cages are full of color and are fun looking, so it can draw children in to buy them. If you cannot afford/provide a proper hamster cage, maybe a hamster is not the right pet for you. Remember owning a pet requires lots responsibility, one of those responsibilities is to provide them with the proper care. Please be kind to other hamster owners in the comments, rude comments telling them their cage is too small will not help, but instead suggest different large cage options and why they should upgrade! 👍🏼 If you need more suitable cage ideas watch this video: WHY SMALL CAGES ARE BAD: subscribe! HAMSTER CARE VIDEOS🐹 RABBIT VIDEOS🐰 FOLLOW ME ON: Twitter: Instagram: --------- On my channel you can find Pet care, Tutorials, hauls, cute pet videos & more! 🐹 I try to put out new videos every week so make sure to subscribe so you never miss a video! WHAT I USE IN MY VIDEOS: Music: Camera: Canon 70D Editor: Final Cut Pro X --------- Email for BUSINESS ENQUIRIES only Please use the comment section for questions, if you use the email address for non-business emails they will not receive a reply. Previously known as "ChocolateColors26"
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